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All Your Favorite Dishes – All in One Place

Where can you go in Gainesville, FL for all the Chinese, Hibachi Grill & American, you could ever possibly want? Welcome to Ocean Buffet, an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet open 7 days a week. We offer more than 150 items of food to choose from. We guarantee you will never leave our restaurant hungry. If you're looking for a Chinese food restaurant, look no further. Stop in or call today to find out more details about our Chinese food restaurant.

Stop by for Chinese take out today! 

If you're in the mood for Chinese take out, let Ocean Buffet help. Here at Ocean Buffet, there is no need to separately order your soup, salad, appetizer, and main course. All you have to do is come in, pay one price, and start to dig in! From our fresh seafood buffet to our famous sushi bar and Hibachi grill to an amazing dessert selection, you’ll be completely amazed at the endless options!

Although our quantities are vast, we never skip out of the quality of food we serve. All of our dishes are made with premium ingredients and cooked with 100% vegetable oil. Everything is made to order, so you will be getting the freshest food possible.

Ocean Buffet also has a party room that is available for celebrations large and small. Don’t feel like sitting down to eat? We also offer a Chinese food takeout menu so you can bring our delicious cooking home with you. The next time hunger strikes, gather up your friends, your family, and head on down to Ocean Buffet! If you want to find Chinese restaurants near me, Contact Ocean Buffet, because we are the best Chinese buffet in Gainesville, FL . Looking forward to seeing you here. 

Oyster & Crawfish available after 3:30pm

Featuring Cantonese, Szechuan, Hunan & Mandarin Cuisine:
Appetizer, Salad, Seafood, Sushi, Thai, American Delight, Fresh Fruit, Pastries, Dessert, Ice Cream...... and Much More Hibachi Grill. Select from the freshest meats, vegetables and seafood to create your own dish, then watch the chef's toss them on the grill skillfully

Delicious Sushi Buffet in Gainesville, FL

We understand that if you've never tried sushi, you may be skeptical of it. Sushi is a traditional Japanese food consisting of cooked rice and other ingredients including seafood, vegetables and more. When people think of sushi, they often think of raw fish- but there are so many more options available! From cooked crab to spicy tuna, the options are almost limitless!

Some of the most popular rolls in American are Westernized varieties of traditional Japanese sushi rolls. From the very common to more obscure, there is sure to be a roll that will delight your taste buds! If you are trying sushi for the first time, we recommend you try a California Roll. This roll is made with raw or cooked crab, nori, cucumber and sesame seeds. Another popular roll is the Alaskan Roll which consists of smoked salmon, asparagus and avocado. Yum!

Visit our Hibachi grill tonight! 

Whether you're a first time sushi experimenter or you enjoy sushi regularly, you have to try our sushi buffet in Gainesville, FL! Ocean Buffet offers fresh Chinese food in the buffet style you have come to know and love. Visit us tonight to check out what we have to offer!

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Come discover wide selection of seafood such as Oyster, Jumbo Shrimp, Scallop, Salmon Steak, Fish, Crawfish, Squid and more seasonal choices throughout the year.



Whether you're after hearty brunch ideas or want the classic teppan roasted beef dinner, our teppanyaki chefs will grill the food right in front of you. Our customers enjoy choices of steak, jumbo shrimp, chicken breast, seasonal veggies, noodles... and more

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Variation of the best quality meat with dishes such as bacon wrapped chicken, poultry over our special sauce, and more. Delight yourself with the best quality meat.



Salad, Fusion Salad, Traditional Salads, Vegas Salad Fresh seasonal fruits. Salad, Fusion Salad, Traditional Salads, Vegas Salad Fresh seasonal fruits.



Each morning our sushi chefs carefully select the freshest seasonal fish & other ingredients, then prepares an assortment of Nigiri, Sushi and Sashimi. You always enjoy freshest & delicious sushi for anytimes.



Freshly prepared Desserts: Crème brûlée, Napolean, Creme Puff, Cheesecake and etc. Frozen Yogurt: Different flavors of healthy yogurt complemented with toppings chocolate 44' fondue.

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Monday - Sunday 11am - 3:30pm

Adult $10.99

Kids (3-5 yrs old) $6.99

Kids (6-10 yrs old) $8.99

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(Mon. - Thurs. 3:30pm -9:30pm)

(Fri. & Sat. 3:30pm - 10:30pm)

(Sun. 3:30pm - 9pm)

Adult $14.99

Kids (3-5 yrs old) $6.99

Kids (6-10 yrs old) $8.99

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​11:00am - Closed​

  • Party Room Available (It's available for Wedding, Official Meetings, Birthday Parties. Up to 200 people.)



(Choose 3 items at least)​

  • Lunch $5.29/lb.

  • Dinner $5.99/lb.

  • Seafood or Sushi $9.75 per Pound
    Soft Drink, Ice Tea, Coffee, Milk $2.29

  • Hot Tea $1.29 per person


  • Senior (65+) 10% OFF

  • Military (Show ID) 10% OFF

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